Gestion Vision 360 mission

Gestion Vision 360 provides support for residential rental buildings, condos & single-family residences. We act as your landlord's agents. We are not the owners of the buildings we manage.




To speed up your requests, we invite you to activate your “Building Stack” account. This is a real estate management platform in collaboration with our company.

Simple and user-friendly, this platform will give you the most pleasant rental experience. You will have a tracking number for your requests!


Go online to create and activate your account.


Contact the solution provider directly.

Our normal business hours

Monday to Friday
from 9h00 to 17h00.


Phone : 514.272.7447
You can reach the reception according to the opening hours by pressing 0 on the voice menu.
If it is an emergency such as water damage or a major electrical problem, press 1 on the voice menu.
This line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Moving to one our new buildings?

Know that GV360 will do everything in its power to ensure that you have a unit that meets your expectations. However, being dependent on the guarantees applicable to new residences (GCR guaranteed), we must absolutely go through the contractor to complete work / imperfections (if applicable). In any case, GV360 will not be responsible for the delays or the failings of the contractor. However, you must send us your requests directly, because it is our company that will act as the owner’s agent with the contractors.


Please be advised that there may be slight delays during the following periods:
July 1, Construction Holidays; Christmas vacation.


Tenants must take responsibility for all service provider accounts such as Hydro-Quebec, Énergir, Videotron, Bell, etc. from the first day of their move in.

Here are some myths surrounding the obligations of
tenants and landlords.

The tenant has until the day of July 1 to leave his accommodation.

False. You must vacate the accommodation on June 30 at midnight if your lease expires on that date. However, talk to your manager if you want to leave on July 1. He may try to accommodate you!

You can leave an old refrigerator in the unit before leaving.

False. The tenant must leave his accommodation in good condition as found at time of possession and the owner is required to deliver an apartment in that same condition.

You cannot paint your new unit.

False. Unless it is stipulated in the lease, the tenant can paint his unit. However, the landlord can ask the tenant to repaint the walls in white or light colors before their departure.

The landlord must supply the paint to the new tenant.

False. The landlord is not obligated to supply paint unless it is negotiated in the lease.

If the rent is paid within the first three weeks of the month, the tenant cannot be evicted.

False. Rent must be paid in full on the day it is due, otherwise the tenant is in default. The owner can ask the Régie du Logement to terminate the lease if this situation occurs frequently.

The owner can prohibit you from owning an animal.

True. The landlord may include a clause in the lease stating that you cannot own one or certain types of animals. If there is no clause, you can have a pet, as long as it does not cause inconvenience (e.g. a dog that barks excessively, an animal that damages the home, etc.) .

The owner is responsible for all maintenance.

False. Tenants must make minor maintenance repairs. For example, they need to touch up paint or fill in small holes.


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